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Back to school | ditch the specs?

If your child is into sports but held back by their glasses, there might be another option for them. Night lenses! Perfect sight for your child during the day, but no need for glasses or contact lenses. It’s the new innovation everyone is talking about… imagine a world where they can enjoy sports without having to wear sports glasses, see the other players and the ball properly and having no fear of mud on their face, broken specs and even being able to open their eyes under water and see clearly without prescription goggles?

So … how’s that again? No more glasses or day lenses?!?

Yup! The science behind night lenses is a process called Orthokeratology (which is why medically these are sometimes called Ortho-K lenses).

In short, you pop the lens in at night at bedtime and go to sleep. Every night the outer cell layer of your eye sheds and new cells grow. While you sleep the night lens acts as a mould and the cells grow into it, harmlessly shaping your eye into the right shape to give you perfect sight. Wake up, pop the lens out and off you go. See normally and naturally without the need for glasses or daytime lenses during the day. Repeat every night (as the outer cells shed again), just like brushing your teeth or a daily lenses routine.

Yes, it’s harmless. No, it’s not permanent (the effect wears off in 48 hours as your eye resets). No, it’s not new and unproven – it’s actually been around for 20 years, but recent innovations have propelled it forward. You might not know anyone with them, so below you can read about other youngsters (5-18) whose lives have been changed by them, including my son Benjamin (the surfer) … yes I’m a real person writing this, not a marketing bot ????

Ps they are good for the environment: 2 small lenses per year vs maybe a pair of broken glasses or 730 daily lenses into the sewer (tut tut!) or landfill.

Sounds good: show me some teenagers whose lives have been changed by them:

Show me someone seeing for the first time

If you have 30 seconds, hit play below. Watch Jess seeing for the first time with nothing in her eyes when she takes her lenses out for the first time. It’s very cool – and shows you that yes, they work:

Seriously though, how do they work?

Here’s a simple animation that takes just over 1 minute. Sound on:

Other links if you want to explore this further

IMPORTANT PARENT NOTE: Night lenses can also help to control Myopia (short sight)

I was devastated to learn that my son had ‘Myopia’ and we didn’t know. ‘Short sight’ is the casual name our optician told us and we didn’t bat an eyelid, we just gave him glasses. The medical term for short sight is Myopia and it’s linked to future eye disease and can also be controlled and stabilised. My son, now 16, is stable. Had we not put him into night lenses, without glasses or day lenses, he wouldn’t have been able to see the eye chart at 40, let alone the top line! He’ll now be able to read a couple of lines down. Had we started him on night lenses 5 years earlier, he would have been stable around -2.00D and see just above the legal driving limit. My advice to other parents? Start early.

Visit to find out more, a simple site set up for parents to understand a very important thing about their child’s short sight.

This sounds ideal | how do I find my nearest fitter?
Ask your optician about night lenses. Or…
CLICK HERE to find your nearest fitter on google maps. Stick in your postcode and away you go ????

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