Night lenses chat | 60 SECONDS with Ronnie aged 81

Currently our oldest known wearer in the UK, this emphatically answers the question we’re often asked “Am I too old for night lenses?”.

Ronnie is an ex stockbroker (and almost professional footballer!) from Edinburgh, who was an early adopter of contact lenses in the 1960’s. In 2006 his optician recommended night lenses to get freedom from day contact lenses, and he has never looked back. We caught up with Ronnie for a 60 second interview about his night lenses …

Q. How long have you been wearing night lenses for Ronnie?

Since 2006. My optician mentioned them to me I thought they sounded great. I’ve always been very active, play a lot of sport, so I thought I’d give them a try.

Q, What did you use before night lenses?

I started with contact lenses in 1963. At the time I played non-league football to a good level and had aspirations to play at the top level. I nearly made it with Hibs, but that’s another story! I never wanted to wear glasses. Vanity played a big part in that, but they also weren’t practical for sport and my active life. Someone I knew had contact lenses, so I got them, and they worked really well, apart from when they dislodged sometimes during matches.

Q. What difference have night lenses made to your life?

Phenomenal difference! Going out socially I’d have to take glasses in case my lens fell out, also solution, a contact lens case etc. I now carry nothing. I play golf twice a week and indoor bowls a few times a week – night lenses give me the freedom of being able to see without glasses or worrying about specs of dust getting under my lens. I live in Scotland so it’s often windy or raining. That’s never a problem! Before when I went swimming, I’d be frightened to lose lens and be blind. On the beach on holiday, I always had to be careful and I had to keep my head above the water. Night lenses give me perfect sight and complete freedom.

Q. If you could have had night lenses at the start of your career, what difference might that have made?

I worked in banking, as a stockbroker. When computers came in I found myself staring at a screen all day which wasn’t good for my lenses or my eyes. Had I had night lenses it would have eliminated dryness and discomfort from staring at screens. Football would have been easier too. One less thing to worry about.

Q. Why would you recommend night lenses to others?

For complete freedom and to get your sight back. All the little hassles I had with contact lenses instantly disappeared. It’s like being born again with eyesight! I regale night lenses to everyone, but nobody believes me! They look at me incredulously – how can you see? I’m 81 now and I’m off to play golf in a minute. It’s windy today and a bit rainy, but that won’t affect my sight in any way – no rain on my glasses or wind irritating my lenses. I feel normal, as if I don’t have a problem with my sight at all. I see professional football and rugby players stopping mid game to adjust their lenses, and I talk to others who wear contact lenses or glasses during the day, and I don’t understand why they don’t switch to night lenses and never have to have those hassles ever again. Everyone should have them!

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