Night lenses chat | Catherine, 46 – I wish I knew about them earlier

In our segment called “I’d wish I’d known about night lenses year ago!” we had a Zoom chat with Catherine … who wished she known about night lenses years ago! Catherine has recently moved to night lenses from glasses and contact lenses. You can watch her interview online HERE (sorry about the poor quality, a storm was howling outside and the wifi was struggling!) or read the interview below:

Q. So, Catherine, what difference have night lenses made to your life? Why do you love them?

Oh my goodness, it’s all the little day to day things. I was wearing glasses every single day for distance and particularly the last year … I am so sick of coming in from rain from shopping with glasses on, mask on, my face steamed up, glasses steamed up, then trying to wipe them to get the rain off … the last few years have been a nightmare with glasses! I did try contact lenses – I tried dailies, monthlies – they just never seemed to work for me. I’ve since found out that I’ve actually got dry eyes. I tred different brands, but I’d get red eyes and after a while would have to rip them out because they were irritating my eyes. I couldn’t get a full day out of them.

Q. So that’s all gone now?

Yes, that’s completely gone! For me, putting these little lenses in at night – I literally pop them in before I go to sleep, ‘pop’ ‘pop’ that’s it, go to sleep. As you’re fast asleep you’re not aware that you’re wearing anything. I wake up, take them out and I’ve got perfect vision! I literally can’t believe that I can see everything! And my optician says that I have better than 20/20 vision. That’s amazing!

Q. In the old days you wake up, you don’t have your glasses on so you’d have to get your glasses and lenses as you can’t see … but now you wake up, look outside, see the birds…?

Exactly! Do you know, the first night I put my lenses in it was so exciting, it was a bit like Christmas. I got up in the morning … I could see with the lenses in, but I didn’t want to look at anything outside the window just yet. I went and took the lenses out, which only took a couple of minutes – went to the window, because that’s what you do when get up in the morning – previously it would always have been a blur, or I’d have had to find my glasses – and I just remember that I was amazed. I could see everything! All the birds, the garden and it was all crystal clear!

Q. I can see you love your fashion, you’re rocking the leopard print there – so what’s the difference with your fashion now?

I was feeling really miserable because I had to wear my glasses every single day. So, I’d be like “When I go out at night time my glasses didn’t look very good with the outfit I’m wearing”, so the fact that I can go out glasses free and I don’t have contact lenses that irritate my eyes or make my eyes go red … that’s awesome. I can wear hats again! You don’t think about these things but there a lot of hats that don’t look good with glasses on – so I can just put anything on, and I don’t have to worry “does that look right with my glasses?” “Does that not look right with my glasses?” So that’s a really amazing feeling.

Q. We were chatting to someone recently who said “I can wear whatever sunglasses I like!”

That’s another one – I‘ve got lots of funky looking shades – It’s not like they’re expensive, lots of little funky shades that don’t have a prescription in, and I can wear them now – in the car when I’m driving and pop them on whenever as we’ve had a lot of sunshine recently.

Q. I’m aware you like gardening. Do night lenses help there?

The gardening is massive. Wearing glasses you bend down a lot when you garden and inevitably your glasses slide down your face … I have mud on my hand so I have to use my elbow to push them back up, they get in the way, eventually I take my glasses off … but then I can’t see distance … so I have to put them back on! So just being free, not having to touch your face, is amazing.

Q. So, night lenses have genuinely been life changing for you. However, the biggest problem is people don’t believe these things are real and they’ve never heard of them, which is why we do these awareness campaigns with real people who wear them – what would you say to the previous ‘you’ 2 years ago or to other people who are watching this and thinking “Really … is this real?”. Are these real?

They’re like magic! They are literally like magic. All my friends and family I tell them about, you literally just pop them in … they’re so easy to pop in before you go to sleep … once in you’re not aware of them as you’re fast asleep anyway, so you’re not thinking about having anything in your eyes … and as soon as you wake up you take them off… and your vision is completely corrected … and is amazing … and it is like magic!

Q. To ask the obvious – you’d recommend night lenses?

As you said in title – “I wish I knew about these years ago!”. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in my 20’s and if only I’d been able to do this then I wouldn’t have had all the little day to day hassles that you have from wearing glasses, or if you get irritated eyes from daily contact lenses … then this is just mind blowing!

Thank you Catherine!

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