Angela & Ben

Night lenses changed our lives | Mum Angela (wearing for 13 years) & son Ben (from age 9)

In this chat we talk to mum Angela who has been wearing night lenses for 13 years and 14 year old son Ben who has been wearing them from the age of 9. Whilst Angela talks of the freedom of not wearing glasses (having to scrabble around for them on her bedside table every morning!), Ben talks about how night lenses have helped him get the most out of rugby, running and his active lifestyle. They both tell how it was for Ben starting age 9 – his view as a youngster and mum’s view with a few tips thrown in. This is a really useful watch for anyone considering fitting their children under 10 with night lenses and for any big kids (mums and dads) searching for freedom from day lenses or specs … an end to those days of rain splattered glasses … and a hello to non prescription sunglasses! ????

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