Night 1


OK! Here we go. Exciting.

Your first night with your night lenses.

What to do, what not to do and what to expect. Good luck 🙂


  • Put (white) towel on a clean surface.
  • Place your mirror flat on the towel and get your lens case and solution ready.
  • Wash and dry your hands. Beware that towel fluff on your fingers can get on to the lens.
  • Practice holding your eyelids apart. It is always the lids that make it difficult getting the lenses in. Remember to roll your eyelid out of the way, keeping your fingertips near your eyelid edge.
  • Place your lens on the tip of your middle finger with a drop of solution in it. Bend forwards, look down into the mirror.
  • Pulling your lids apart, look straight towards the lens placing it on your eye. Count 1,2,3 and then slowly take your finger away and let go of your lids. If the lens is on your cornea, and not the white part of your eye, it will centre properly when you close your eye.
  • For the first few nights you will feel the edges of the lens when you put them in. When you close your eye you won’t feel the lens much. Repeat with the other eye.
  • Rinse your lens case and leave to air dry. You can close your eyes and go to sleep!


It is always your eye lids!!

1. Practice holding your lids before you actually try and put your lens in. Roll your lids out the way with your finger tip. Make sure your fingers and lids are dry.

2. Keep both eyes OPEN. Try and look at something detailed like the print on your solution bottle placed beside the mirror on the counter.

3. SLOW DOWN. Move everything very slowly and deliberately.

If you can’t manage don’t worry, take your lenses to your review appointment and practice again.


“That’s ace isn’t it!”
WATCH Jess see for the first time

“It was a miracle!”
Scott | Dry eye sufferer

“There really isn’t anything like it!”
Natalie | Mum, wild swimmer

“There’s no faffing around”
Andrew | Sports mad teen, legend