Morning 1


YAY! Your first morning waking up with your night lenses.

A step-by-step guide for what to do.

You’re about to see with nothing on your eyes! Have a think about filming this moment – you seeing for the first time without glasses and day lenses.

Post it on socials for your friends and family to see.

Remember to tag #nightlenses!


• When you wake your eye will feel pretty comfortable – usually a bit sticky.

• Take out your lenses, clean them, put them in your contact lens case.

• Before taking out your lenses:

1. Wash your hands
2. Fill your CLEAN contact lens case with fresh solution
3. Put your white towel down to catch the lens if it falls
4. Make sure the lenses are moving on your eye: usually normal blinking will be enough, however, you may want to insert a wetting drop and nudge the lens with the edge of your lower eyelid

YOUR VISION: Do you remember how blurry it was last night? Look out the window. That’s the change after just one night.

Your vision today will only be partly corrected, and it will fade off as the day goes on, so carry your glasses as you may need them later.

Don’t wear any contact lenses dur- ing the day as it will undo some of the night time effect. Each morning it will get better and last longer.

Head for your eye check taking your lenses with you.


Blurry vision

Don’t worry, sometimes it takes a few nights to have more effect. Keep going! Your eye check will show whether things are as expected for you. Don’t use a sleep mask for the first few weeks as they can affect your vision.

Dry or gritty eyes

Put some wetting drops in to keep your eye lubricated. Your eye will get used to the lenses over the first few weeks, so it will soon feel great when you put the lenses in and take them out.


Many people like to make a “nothing in my eyes … and I can see!” selfie-vid of the moment they can see for the first time with night lenses. A ‘before’ and ‘after’. It’s great to share with friends and family on socials and have for prosperity. Check our Rachel’s one below and copy her format if it easier – film yourself looking out the window the night before and the morning after you take them out. Remember to use #nightlenses when you post it!

“That’s ace isn’t it!”
WATCH Jess see for the first time

“It was a miracle!”
Scott | Dry eye sufferer

“There really isn’t anything like it!”
Natalie | Mum, wild swimmer

“There’s no faffing around”
Andrew | Sports mad teen, legend