Days 2 to 14

DAYS 2 TO 14

What to expect.

Watching out for bad habits.

Becoming a #nightlenses legend.


You are on your way to getting the vision freedom of night lenses!

• Your vision will get better each morning when you wake up. Today it should be better than yesterday.

• It will still gradually fade off today as the day goes on.

• Your eyes are still adapting. Keep going! You will see improvement every day and the handling will get easier and easier.


• You are probably now fully corrected when you take the lenses out and well on your way to visual freedom!

• Don’t let any bad habits creep in! Keep inserting, removing and cleaning your lenses properly.

• Your vision should last most of the day today.

• Don’t worry too much if one eye is better than the other or you are not fully corrected yet. It can take longer with some people, especially if you have a higher or more complicated correction.

DAYS 3 – 14

Are you 20/Happy?

You have probably heard of 20/20 being ‘perfect’ vision. Because your cornea (eye surface) is correcting your vision and not the actual contact lens, there is sometimes a small amount of vision that is not corrected with night lenses. What we are looking for is 20/Happy vision i.e. you’re happy with your vision.

During the first 14 days make sure your vision is 20/happy during the day. If it isn’t, take notes about why to your next check-up: is it one eye? Or both? Indoors? Outdoors? Looking far? Or near?

• If the first lenses fit perfectly your vision will possibly now be fully corrected like this forever!

• If your lenses are altered, you will need another check after you have worn them.

• Your eyecare professional will advise on lens replacement and check-up appointments.

“That’s ace isn’t it!”
WATCH Jess see for the first time

“It was a miracle!”
Scott | Dry eye sufferer

“There really isn’t anything like it!”
Natalie | Mum, wild swimmer

“There’s no faffing around”
Andrew | Sports mad teen, legend