Contact lenses for Swimming

“I can open my eyes underwater when I go swimming!”

This is one of the most common answers to the question “What do you love most about night lenses?”.

If you love swimming or watersports, then night lenses just make sense … and glasses and day lenses, well, they don’t! If you speak to night lens wearers about this (there are a few below who can tell you this in their own words), they usually say that they find it odd that people who swim regularly or do watersports still stick with the hassles and issues of glasses and day lenses. Why not use night lenses, wake up, take the lens out and see perfectly all day without glases or day lenses – and have the freedom and no hassles of swimming and watersports without anything on their face or in their eyes – and be able to open their eyes underwater!

In the pool

Imagine a world where for swimming you don’t have to buy prescription goggles, remember them, wear them, not see when you take them off to change or get fogged up, remember to take them with you or lose them in the house. Yes, they’re fine for charging up and down the lanes during your fitness regime, but they’re not very sociable for your dip after your workout with your friends or for a splash around in the pool with the kids. As for being a parent with kids in the pool, being able to see clearly is a must. Also … imagine being able to open your eyes underwater and see clearly!

On the beach

Imagine a world where you can surprise your child during sandcastle time, whip them up into your arms and run with them squealing their head off into the sea without having to worry about losing a lens in the sea, your glasses falling off or getting salt smears. Imagine not having to worry about sand behind your lens when the wind blows, stinging lenses from suncream sweat or if in glasses, slippage down the nose from sweat/suncream.

Wild swimming

If you’re a wild swimmer check out Natalie’s selfi-vid below or CLICK HERE to head to the Wild Swimming section to find out more

Night lens wearers don’t have any of this. It’s as simple as that really. Listen to the stories below.

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