Night Lenses for Rugby

No Contact Lenses – No Glasses – No Laser Surgery

Perfect vision for short sighted Rugby players – without glasses, day contact lenses or laser eye surgery

Let’s face it, whether your face is being ground into the mud, or you’re the one doing the grinding, sports glasses or contact lenses just aren’t fit for purpose for rugby. Mud, sweat, blood, (tears?) can all interfere or dislodge your contact lens and there’s nothing worse that having the ref stop the match whilst you ask your props to get down on all fours and scrabble around in the mud for your contact lens whilst playing rugby. No one wants to see that!
Ulster’s No.8 David McCann fixing his daytime contact lens on the pitch in the middle of a rugby game. 5 minutes later the medic came on to fix them again.
In the minutes before the first fix he can be seen on TV fiddling with his eye, focusing on his contact lens, not the game.

NIGHTLENSES mean this never has to happen again.

So whether you play rugby as an amateur or a professional, then NIGHTLENSES could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

NIGHTLENSES are contact lenses uniquely custom made to your eye shape that you pop onto your eye before you go to sleep and which naturally correct your vision while you sleep [they work by a process called Orthokeratology – find out how NIGHTLENSES work here.
Simply remove in the morning to have perfect sight all day, no need for glasses or day lenses.

No need for laser surgery. Just repeat every night, daily repetition as you would with day lenses, except just 2 annual lenses as opposed to 730 with daily lenses, so better for the environment too!

The future of eyecare is not to have anything in your eyes or on your face when you’re training, playing a match, or pummelling a scrum half (you guessed it, the person writing this was a scrum half… but don’t hold that against me).

Free your eyes with NIGHTLENSES – perfect for all sports


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