Night Lenses – Water Polo

No Contact Lenses – No Glasses – No Laser Surgery

Perfect vision for short sighted Water Polo players – without glasses, day contact lenses or laser eye surgery

Water Polo is the hot sport everyone seems to be diving into. I’ve got my cap on and, now that I’ve mastered the art of treading water, I’m having a shot at handling the ball and making goals. Tougher than you’d think, right? Quick tip – don’t learn to throw in shallow water. You’ll end up injuring your arm! Yeah, I discovered that through the school of hard knocks. Regardless, it’s a new watersport I adore, and I’m certain you do too.

If you wear glasses or daytime lenses, picture a water polo match where you don’t have to squint when you submerge or have to don prescription goggles or go without them? With night lenses, you simply insert them before you go to sleep, remove them the moment you wake up, and carry on your day with impeccable vision without the need for glasses or daytime lenses.


Absolute liberation for when you play water polo – nothing on your face or in your eyes – dive in and open your eyes underwater, tread along the surface in the pool, getting splashy while being able to discern the surrounding scenery and fellow players. No glasses to secure, lenses to care for. No need for laser surgery down the line. Absolute freedom!

Free your eyes.

“In the semi-final of the European Championships my day lens folded in my eye under my goggles. A couple of times I lost one, or would race with only one eye in, which didn’t help. I have 52 seconds to prove a point. The last thing I want to panic about are my lenses. Night lenses are a game changer. I couldn’t imagine my life without them now”
Chris Walker-Hebborn, Olympic Silver and Commonwealth Gold medallist, swimmer

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