Night Lenses – SUP Paddleboarding

No Contact Lenses – No Glasses – No Laser Surgery

Perfect vision for short sighted SUP Paddleboarders – without glasses, day contact lenses or laser eye surgery

SUP Paddleboarding is the big thing that everyone seems to be into. I’ve got mine and, now I’ve got over the wobbles and can stay on the damn thing, I’m having a go at surfing waves on it. Harder than it looks right? Quick tip – don’t learn to surf on small waves in shallow water. You’ll break your neck! Yup, learnt that the hard way. Anyway, it’s a new watersport I love and I’m sure you do too.

If you wear glasses or daytime lenses, imagine a paddleboard session where you don’t have to close your eyes when you fall into the water or have to wear prescription goggles or nothing at all? With night lenses you pop them in at night when you go to sleep, take them out first thing in the morning and go about your day with perfect sight without the need for glasses or day lenses during the day.

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Complete freedom for when you go paddleboarding – nothing on your face or in your eyes – fall in and open your eyes underwater, toddle along the surface on the sea / lake / lough / river / reservoir getting splashy being able to see the landscape and people around you. No glasses to store, lenses to watch. No need for laser surgery at a later date. Complete freedom!

Free your eyes.


If you compete at an elite, or high amateur level, the advantages of night lenses over day lenses are clear. Essentially you have the same lens routine – a daily insertion/removal – but having perfect sight with nothing in your eye to worry about when you train and compete can make the difference between wining and losing. Double World Champion Cat Morrison, Olympian Chris Walker-Hebborn are two of many who attribute part of their success down to night lenses and recommend all elite sports people to switch. “If you can use night lenses, as an elite performer, it doesn’t make sense to continue to use day lenses”

“I wake up, pop my lenses out and can see perfectly all day. I drive to the beach, get in, surf and have no worries. No glasses to take off or day lenses to watch out for. My surfing has improved because I can judge the break better. My sight was getting so bad I probably would have given up surfing. If you’re still using day lenses, switch to night lenses – if you’re a regular surfer it makes sense.” Benjamin Griffiths, surfer, Portrush

Free your eyes with NIGHTLENSES – perfect for all sports

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