Night Lenses – Short Sight Correction

No Glasses – No Day Lenses – No Laser Surgery

Perfect vision for short sight correction – without glasses, day lenses or laser eye surgery

“Short sight” is the casual name we have given over the years to the medical condition called ‘MYOPIA’. As a parent when I was told my son had short sight I was completely unconcerned. It was common and harmless right?.

Common? Yes. 20% of youngsters in the UK have it.

Harmless? No.

Myopia (short sight) is linked directly to eye disease later on in life. In a nutshell, the more Myopia (the higher the Dioptre number e.g. -5.00D, -6.00D) the higher the risk of sight threatening conditions such as retinal detachments and diseases like glaucoma and myopic macular degeneration to your child later in life.

Treat these seriously.
To repeat the point: The higher the Myopia, the higher the risk of eye disease to your child later in life.



Myopia leads to the eye growing longer, making the retina more likely to degenerate. If we think of the eye like a camera, the retina is the film, capturing what we see. If the retina becomes damaged this can lead to sight loss that cannot be corrected with spectacles or surgery. In the worst case it can lead to partial sight or blindness.


Myopia Progression should be flagged up to you by your Optician if your child’s eye sight deteriorates by >0.5D in a year. At this point you should look into Myopia Control devices, of which night lenses are one of 3 options: Myopia Control glasses, Myopia control day lenses and Myopia control night lenses (this site).

The good news is that the amount of Myopia can now be reduced in children with night lenses and other Myopia Control devices. My son was -3.75D and -4.00D at the age of 13 when we started him on night lenses. He is now 16 and has stabilised at that level. As a parent it’s the best thing I ever did for him as he has better sight and a better life now and has ~40%* decreased risk now of getting eye disease later on in life. [*Source: Scotlens]. In the Myopia Control section of this site, link below, you’ll read how Jaimin’s son had a similar path to my son but started earlier aged 10 with night lenses and stabilised at -2.00D. The bottom line: if we had started my son 3-4 years earlier aged 40 he would be able to see the 3rd-4th line down on the eye chart. His current path is to only see the top line clearly. But it could have been worse. Hence my advice to parents is start early.

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