Dylan & Kyal

We caught up with the Patel Family โ€“ dad Jaimin who put his two boys Dylan and Kyal into night lenses when they were aged just 7 and 10.

7 years on, the boys and their dad joined us on the sofa for a chat about how it has been and any advice they can give. Dylan and Kyal both love their sports, so youโ€™ll hear how night lenses have given them a freedom from glasses or day lenses that have made their sports a lot easier.

Dad Jaimin, who happens to be an Optometrist, is keen to talk about how the night lenses stabilised both boyโ€™s myopia โ€“ โ€œone of the best things I could have done for my boysโ€

We hope this is another useful video for parents considering night lenses, particularly on young children. The fear of putting lenses on children is certainly worse than the reality, as they all adapt well and quickly.

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