Night Lenses – Football

No Contact Lenses – No Glasses – No Laser Surgery

Perfect vision for short sighted Football players – without glasses, day contact lenses or laser eye surgery

If you’re a short-sighted footballer who plays with day lenses in your eyes, you know how much of a pain they can be. Rain into them as you look up, mud splashes, accidentally moving the lens as you wipe your face and, of course, the dreaded dislodge and fall out. But they’re better than sports glasses and cheaper/less risky than laser eye surgery and there’s no other option right? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Night lenses are a literal game changer for short-sighted pro or amateur footballers and might be the solution you’ve been desperate for.

Night lenses are contact lenses that are uniquely custom made to your exact eye shape that you pop onto your eye before you go to sleep and which naturally correct your vision while you sleep [they work by a process called Orthokeratology – find out more here].

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Simply remove in the morning to have perfect sight all day, no need for glasses or day lenses. No need for laser surgery. Just repeat every night, daily repetition as you would with day lenses, except just 2 annual lenses as opposed to 730 with daily lenses, so better for the environment too! A similar price to your day lenses or really good designer specs.

Leaving you to play football freely without the need for sports glasses or day lenses that can get irritated by mud from the pitch or might come out during a crucial moment! No more scrabbling around in the mud searching for a lost lens. The future of eyecare is not to have anything in, or on, your eyes during the day … especially when you’re on the pitch, grinding out a win and working up a sweat. Sounds interesting? Below you’ll see interviews with footballers whose lives have been changed by night lenses, to give you an idea how things might be different for you too.

Free your eyes.

Read how pro footballers Jason Brown and Diego Esquivel McGann had their lives, and their game, changed by night lenses.

“Night lenses have given me that freedom and one less responsibility during match day to think about. Before night lenses I was always thinking to myself “how are my lenses feeling?” and if they weren’t feeling right then you definitely kept thinking about that. So now using night lenses has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders as there is nothing in my eyes. It’s a surreal feeling and I’m just really enjoying it … [continue]

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