Contact lenses for Boxing

Whether you are an amateur boxer, professional or do boxing as part of your crossfit or training exercises, then night lenses could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Night lenses are contact lenses uniquely custom made to your eye shape that you pop onto your eye before you go to sleep and which naturally correct your vision while you sleep [they work by a process called Orthokeratology – find out more here]. Simply remove in the morning to have perfect sight all day, no need for glasses or day lenses. No need for laser surgery. Just repeat every night, daily repetition as you would with day lenses, except just 2 annual lenses as opposed to 730 with daily lenses, so better for the environment too!

Leaving you free to spar, fight, exercise, shower, sweat … do all the things you can’t do, or would struggle to do with glasses or day lenses.

Free your eyes. Box to your limits!

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