Troy Gibson

In this chat we talk to short-sighted Northern Irish pro MMA fighter, Troy Gibson, who switched to night lenses to help progress his MMA career. A must-read for any MMA fighters who struggle with day lenses or glasses and want an alternative that doesn’t involve laser surgery. Also a great watch for any elite sportsperson who feels like their eyesight is holding them back. Troy talks openly about how night lenses have helped his career and why he recommends them for elite athletes.
How long have you been in night lenses?
I’ve been using night lenses for about 8 years now. So when I started doing MMA, I was wearing the day lenses and I kept getting them knocked out of my eyes. So I changed to the night lenses and I haven’t looked back!

What difference have night lenses made to your pro MMA career?
They’ve changed my life! If I might’ve stuck to the dailies I might not have stuck to the sport because they were annoying me that much. Spending time trying to put them back in during training isn’t ideal! So instead I went to the night lenses, just kept at them and they’ve changed my life! I probably wouldn’t be where I am here without them because your sight is everything and your sight is perfect with them.

So for anybody who does MMA or Martial Arts, why would you recommend them?
If your sight isn’t the best and if you’re either wearing dailies or nothing, definitely would recommend them and JUST DO IT. You’ll see the difference… literally!

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