Night lenses changed my life | Natalie | Wild swimmer, crossfit ninja, Paediatric Consultant, busy mum

In this chat we talk to Natalie – a Paediatric Consultant, wild swimmer, crossfit ninja and busy mum. How she has found night lenses and why she recommends them.

Wild swimmer: no faff, no prescription goggle, being able to see the surroundings

Crossfit: also no faff with glasses or lenses, no sweat / steam issues or lens dislodging concerns

Paediatric Consultant: no contact lens dry eye, helps shift work and no faff/hassles of lenses/glasses

Busy mum: freedom from glasses or day lenses is just one less thing to worry about!


Natalie pops out of the water fresh from a wild swim in a stunning Scottish Lough to tell us why she loves night lenses and how they changed her life

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