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Night lenses changed my life | Mary Anthony

Mary Anthony is a mum of teenage footballers (you know, one of those side-line footy mum who point and shout…????), a HIIT enthusiast (into Les Mills Grit Cardio, Body Combat etc for those who know what that means) and a night lens wearer. We popped onto Zoom to have a chat about how night lenses have changed her life…

Q: Hi Mary, so how long have you been wearing night lenses for?

A: Crikey. It’s been about 4 years now! Time flies…

Q: How did you get into them?

A: I wore glasses because I was short sighted. But I do a lot of fitness, driving, watching my boys playing football and glasses just didn’t work for me. Doing my fitness they would jiggle around and the sweat would slip them down my face. After a long session at work with them on, driving after was also uncomfy on my ears. As for watching my boys play football, I live in Scotland, so you can imagine with the rain I was constantly having to take them off to dry them. It was a pain. When it came to night lenses or a day lens, it seemed to be a no brainer – it all happens when I sleep, nothing to worry about. It’s great!

Q: You said you’re into fitness. What do you do and how have night lenses helped?

A: I do High Intensity HIIT, Les Mills and Grit Cardio which is where you where you push yourself to the max for 30 minutes doing burpees, running on the spot, keeping knees up. My heart rate goes up to 198, so you can imagine that I would steam up glasses and sweat them right off my face. A few years ago, I used to do Sprint classes on bikes, but that meant looking at the big screen, so I’d need my glasses. Loads of glasses now involve screens. HIIT is definitely difficult to do with glasses and looking back I think had I not switched to night lenses I would be doing less of it.

Q: So, they have genuinely have been life changing for you?

A: Completely, it’s like night and day. They are brilliant and everyone should consider them. I wake up in the morning, can see clearly and don‘t have to rely on anything. Nothing jumping about on my face, no screwing my eyes up to focus, no glasses to set down at the gym and worry about getting stood on. As I said with my HIIT, which I’m really into, that world has opened up over the past few years because glasses didn’t hold me back.

Q: Would you ever go back to glasses?

A: Definitely not – no chance! I put them in at night, don’t have to worry about them, my eyesight is correct and clear all day and I can see which boy is my son on the football pitch! I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life as a football mum in wet rainy Scotland. Wind and rain made my life a misery with rain splattered glasses I couldn’t see out of. Now I just stand there normally. I’m also too used to the routine now and getting on with my day.

Q: I suspect I know the answer to this question – would you recommend them to others?

A: 100%. Once you start wearing them you wonder why you’d ever wear anything else.

[Editor: I’m exhausted after all that HIIT chat and feel very, very unfit and unworthy ..!! :)]

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