Night Lenses – Long Term Eye Health

Myopia, casually called “Short sight”, is a condition that, unknown to many, increases sight threatening conditions such as retinal detachments and diseases like glaucoma and myopic macular degeneration. Treat these seriously. The higher the Myopia, the higher the risk of diseases.

Myopia leads to the eye growing longer, making the retina more likely to degenerate. If we think of the eye like a camera, the retina is the film, capturing what we see. If the retina becomes damaged this can lead to sight loss that cannot be corrected with spectacles or surgery. In the worst case it can lead to partial sight or blindness.

The good news is that the amount of Myopia can now be reduced in children. The chart below shows how EARLY CONTROL should help your child see better over their lifetime, reducing their risk of eye disease later on in life.



(on the chart above)

RED – High myopia. Vital to get early control
AMBER – Moderate myopia. Green zone possible
GREEN – This is where we’re aiming for



Eye tests are not a ‘test for glasses’. They test eye health. Our children are predicted to live until they are 90+ so their eyes need to last a long time! The RED ZONE means poorer eye health – when they get older they may struggle to see the top line of the chart without correction, may be unable to drive and will have a higher risk of eye disease. Taking early action now to keep them in the GREEN or the AMBER will help them later in life.

Every Dioptre counts.

Low myopia now = better later.