Finlay 12 and mum Lyn

Night lenses changed my life | Finlay 12 and mum Lyn

In this chat we talk to Finlay and his mum Lyn about the benefits of starting myopic children early with night lenses to achieve the benefits of freedom from glasses and myopia control.

How did Finlay get into night lenses?
MUM: His eyesight really deteriorated when he was 10, so I took him to the optician. It was at the first meeting with the optician we were told about night lenses. They explained that children they had fitted with night lenses had had really successful myopia control outcomes. Being a short-sighted person myself I was very keen to prevent Finlay ending up with a similar prescription to me (-8).

Did you use to like wearing glasses Finlay?
FINLAY: They definitely made my vision better, but they were not really very practical for me doing all my sports, such as trampolining and biking. They would fall off if I jumped too much!

How have you got on with putting in the lenses?
FINLAY: It took a while to get used to them, but now I get them in first try. I walk over to my desk, sit down, put them in, go over to my bed and go to sleep.

How much do you enjoy mountain biking, could you imagine having to do that with glasses?
FINLAY: It’s definitely my favourite sport. It would be quite awkward especially wearing goggles when going downhill. But now, because I use night lenses, I can just see without having glasses!
MUM: There was a period of time where he wore glasses and he was aware that they steamed up, got muddy or wet and It was a bit of a pain. Of course you couldn’t just wipe off the mud with your mountain bike gloves as it scratches them. So glasses weren’t really working overall.

Does wearing night lenses make you feel as if you don’t have any eyesight problems at all?
FINLAY: Yeah! I just forget about the night lenses as I’m only doing it at night. I just feel normal, like I don’t have to use anything to see better.

Have night lenses helped with myopia control?
MUM: Completely! Finlay has been wearing night lenses for 2 years now. For his first annual review his eyesight had actually improved! He recently had his second review where his eyesight has remained stable. I find it so surprising because he had constant deterioration, so its brilliant to see no current deterioration in Finlay’s eyesight.

What advice would you give to other parents about night lenses?
MUM: I would tell them that they are a complete gamechanger. I think they are a great investment in your child’s eyesight. It’s made Finlay’s life a lot easier and actually as we were saying earlier regarding sports and hobbies, he’s able to do them without any hassle or worries regarding wearing glasses. I suppose the long-term benefit is that there is no/minimal further deterioration in his eyesight. They are so easy to use, and Finlay also get one night off them a week.

Did you have concerns that Finlay would be able to get the lenses in and out?
MUM: Because I’ve worn lenses I didn’t have a fear about Finlay having them. It was certainly a strange thought that he would be sleeping with them in overnight, as I’ve always been told not to sleep with my day lenses in! But once you are reassured that it isn’t a problem with nightlenses, I suppose the main thing was teaching Finlay how to put them in and out himself. I have to say that it wasn’t easy to begin with as it takes a while to get used to, but once you are used to it: you put them in, wear them overnight and get up in the morning to perfect vision. I recommend them 100% to anybody!

So Finlay, would you recommend night lenses?
FINLAY: Yeah! They help because they are practical and they work.

If there were any children your age thinking they would struggle with night lenses, what would you say to them?
FINLAY: Once you get used to the night lenses they are easy!
MUM: It took a bit of effort for the first few weeks as Finlay has very sensitive eyes. He is not one of those people who can just put them in and immediately feel comfortable. But give him a few minutes and he is fine as he relaxes into it as realised that the benefits outweigh any hassle. He is more than glad that he persevered.
FINLAY: … and they are easy to get out, very easy!

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