No Contact Lenses – No Glasses – No Laser Surgery

Total convenience for short sightedness.

Perfect vision without glasses, day contact lenses or laser eye surgery

The future of eye care is to have nothing in your eyes or on your face.

No glasses to remove, store, protect, clean, repair, de-fog, remember, forget …

No daytime lenses to keep away from dust / sand / grit / make up / swimming pools, or to come out during a game or in work / class / the gym …

No surgical interventions that require recovery time, risk complications, or incur high costs – just perfect vision, unimpeded by external factors.


The magic happens while you sleep!

Pop them in before bed, wake, take them out… perfect sight yet nothing in your eyes or nothing to worry about to make that happen. It’s as simple as that and as convenient as that!

Club with confidence, swim with ease, beach holidays are a doddle and pretty soon you’ll be wondering why people choose to wear glasses or daytime lenses at all. As for laser eye surgery. Really? No point. And night lenses are reversible.