Am I eligible for night lenses?

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If you have myopia (a.k.a. short-sight or near-sight) and your prescription is under -5D, then you are eligible for night lenses.

Yes! This means that you can achieve perfect sight without glasses, day lenses or laser eye surgery / lasik.

Even if I have an astigmatism?

Yes. During your consultation your eye care practitioner will assess the extent of your astigmatism and whether there is a limiting factor.

Extended range

Sometimes it is possible to use night lenses if you are -5D to -10D (or even above) depending on the type of eye you have, the experience of the practitioner fitter and your expectations. Those with very high prescriptions (very short/nearsighted) can use night lenses as part of their eyecare solution, along with glasses.

Night lenses and myopia control

Yes, night lenses can control myopia in children as part of myopia management. The more myopia (short sight) your child has, the higher the risk of eye disease later in life. Night lenses can stop your child’s myopia getting worse, giving them better sight and a better life as a result. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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